Heater Repair

heater repair

Prepare for the Winter Months with New Furnace and Boiler Installations

To keep you warm during the winter months, our experienced technicians can help you find the appropriate furnace or boiler to best fit your home or business heating needs. Unfortunately, it often seems that our heating systems break down when we need them the most. We know that heat is an essential part of maintaining a comfortable space. When the cold months hit, frigid temperatures can creep into your house, causing you and your family to potentially suffer physical discomfort. In the office, the production of your business could wean because employees are freezing. When it’s time to replace your old heating system, or if you are installing one in a new build, trust the team at Michigan Plumbing and Mechanical Services LLC. To schedule service with us for your heater repair in Waterford Township, MI, please call us at 888-406-3630.

We Have Over 15 Years’ Experience Installing Furnaces to Improve Energy-Efficiency

You should consider a furnace replacement if your unit is over 15 years old to take advantage of the many advances in heating technology. With the right planning, your new commercial or home heating system can end up saving you a significant amount on your heating bill, making it a great investment. Michigan Plumbing and Mechanical Services LLC has been installing replacement furnaces throughout Michigan for over 15 years. In addition, we are happy to provide comprehensive AC repairs and gas line installations for our customers.

Our technicians provide professional installation for all types of heating systems:

  • Propane and Gas Furnaces
  • High Efficiency Furnace
  • Electric Heat
  • Vent-Free Heaters
  • Radiant Heating
  • Heat Pumps

Maintenance and Service

With over 15 years of expert installation and maintenance services, we have become very knowledgeable about the details of maintenance and repairs. We are trained to troubleshoot issues with all makes and models of furnaces and boilers, including leaks, electrical, coil cleaning, carbon monoxide, and more. Remember that you should service your heating system at least once a year, usually in the fall before you will need it. This not only ensures that everything is in good working order, but it also prolongs the lifespan for your unit. To schedule service with us for your heater repair in Waterford Township, MI, please call us at 888-406-3630.