Plumbing Noises and what they can mean

Being aware of the normal sounds of your home's plumbing can help you notice when something goes wrong.

Running water

Ever notice that you can be in the bathroom and you can hear when the sprinklers come on, when someone is watering, or someone is running water somewhere else in the house? Well get trained to pick up on the sound because if someone is not using a fixture you are surely hearing running water somewhere in the house. Maybe someone left the hose on outside or it could be something more, such as a leak, but it is always a good idea to check it out. If you have located the noise, that's great! But if not, be sure to get in touch with local plumbers to get the issue sorted. It can be a pain, especially if you don't know where the water is coming from.


Showers, sinks, toilets, all of these fixtures will normally start slowly dripping before they get worse. Small drips can lead to a lot of water over a twenty four hour period, so get your leaks fixed because they will only get worse. We carry many cartridges and faucet parts right on our truck allowing us to repair most fixtures without a return trip, saving you both time and money.

Water hammer

When water shuts off quickly like when the washing machine shuts the water off or the sprinklers shut off you may hear a water hammer. If this is something new then it might be that the water pressure is higher than it used to be and it may be time to change your pressure regulator or that a pipe has come loose from its anchors or strapping. If this is something that has always happened then you may think of having a plumber install an air hammer arrester to stop the hammering.

No matter what the cause of your plumbing noise, we highly advise calling out a local plumber to investigate the problem. For example, if you're located in Oxford, UK, then consider Plumbers in Oxford who will be able to get to you quickly. Alternatively, if you are on the other side of the world, have a look for a plumber in Toronto who could help you in your time of need. It is always good to use a firm local to you and avoid national firms.

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