Warehouse Fire Suppression System

Warehouse Fire Suppression System - HVAC Blog & News from Michigan Plumbing and Mechanical Services LLC - 20160407_110023-300x169The expert crews at Service Experts Plumbing have been hard at work installing a Fire Suppression System at a Warehouse facility in Warren MI. The warehouse is over 40,000 sq ft and is loaded with toys, LED products, plastic parts and cardboard. The new fire system we installed is designed to protect the entire warehouse facility.

In order to facilitate the installation of the new fire sprinkler system we needed to first install an 8″ Water Main supply to the building. Service Experts Plumbing worked closely with the our engineer, the City of Warren, the Road Commission of Macomb and the Macomb County Drain Commission to obtain all the required permits and right of ways to tap the existing water main running down Schoenherr Road. Once the drawings were approved we commenced with the Water Main installation.

After completion of the Water Main installation we began work on obtaining the required permits for the actual fire suppression system. Here again we worked closely with the fire system engineer to ensure that the new system would allow the owner to maximize the buildings storage capacity as well as allow the facility to continue operations while the fire suppression system was being installed.

Our Experts are highly experienced in the Installation, Maintenance, Modification and Repair of all types of Fire Suppression systems. Including Water Based systems, Glycol Based Systems, Dry Systems, and Pressure Pump Systems. We have the experience and tools for working with many different types of fire suppression materials such as Schedule 40 Threaded Iron Pipe, Schedule 10 Grooved Iron Pipe, and CPVC “Blaze Pipe”

This system consists of:

  • 350 3/4″ sprinkler heads
  • 400 lft of 6″ Sch 10 black steel sprinkler pipe
  • 4000 lft of 2.5″ Sch 10 black steel sprinkler pipe
  • 200 lft of 8″ Ductile Iron Water Main
  • 500 ea beam hangers and pipe hangers
  • 1 ea 6″ RPZ
  • 1 ea 4″ FDC
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