Fire Suppression Systems in Waterford Township, MI

fire suppression systems

Prevent Disaster with a Professionally Installed Fire Prevention System

No matter the type of sprinkler system is in your building, the experts at Michigan Plumbing and Mechanical Services can inspect, maintain, replace and repair it. We offer 24/7 availability to meet your needs even if something goes wrong outside of business hours. Our team has been serving SE Michigan for over 15 years and is experienced in working in a wide range of commercial and industrial environments. Our ASSE Certification allows us to safely work around hazardous materials, and our extensive knowledge of fire suppression systems allows us to design and install a system that will meet all fire code requirements. Please give us a call at 888-406-3630 to discuss fire suppression systems in Waterford Township, MI.

A Fire Sprinkler System is Your First Line of Protection

Your fire sprinkler system is the most critical fire protection system you can utilize. Within seconds of a fire starting, fire sprinkler systems respond, typically dousing them entirely or at least controlling them until the fire department arrives. Every second counts when a fire starts in your home or business. Properly distributed fire suppression through water sprinklers can stop or slow a fire enough to save most or all of your property.

Using Cutting-Edge Technology, We Can Design Fire Suppression Systems for a Wide Range of Commercial and Industrial Applications

Our fire protection design staff is ready for all projects large or small. Our certified designers research and use the latest water-based computer automated design software to deliver professional, coordinated plans. Our team prides itself in creating a customized sprinkler system that meets all applicable fire codes, as well as your budget.

We Offer Solutions for Any Environment

Michigan Plumbing and Mechanical Services LLC specializes in the installation and repair of interior and exterior automatic fire sprinkler systems in apartment complexes, industrial facilities, and a wide range of commercial environments, including restaurants, retail, medical facilities, and more.

Choosing the Right Type of Fire Sprinkler Systems to Protect Your Building

There are as many different types of fire sprinkler systems available on the market, and choosing the right one depends on the specifics of your business. Our team will go over your options with you to ensure you have the best system in place for protecting your property.

Wet Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems

This system uses automatic sprinkler heads attached to a piping system which draws water from the fire pump. This heat-activated option stem is the the most commonly used fire sprinkler system for general commercial use.

Dry Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems

A dry pipe fire sprinkler system uses fire sprinkler heads that attach to pipes already filled with pressurized air instead of water. When the sprinkler heads open, the air releases, a valve opens, and water flows through the pipes then out the open sprinkler heads.

While this causes a slight delay in water discharge, it is useful in buildings where water could freeze if kept in the pipes, such as in unheated buildings, parking garages, and refrigerated coolers.

Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems

A deluge fire sprinkler system uses open fire sprinkler heads attached to a piping system which is itself connected to a water supply by a valve. When the smoke or fire alarm goes off, this valve opens and sends water through the pipes and out all of the sprinkler heads at once. Deluge fire sprinkler systems help in applications where fires could spread quickly unless large quantities of water arrive as soon as possible.

Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Systems

Pre-action fire sprinkler systems are a combination of a wet pipe fire sprinkler system and a deluge fire sprinkler system — heat activates water to enter the pipes via a valve and flows through the sprinkler heads. Spaces containing expensive and valuable equipment that could be damaged by the accidental triggering of the sprinklers often use this system.

fire suppression systems

Now is the Best Time to Call for Your Fire Suppression Systems

Our team is reachable at 888-406-3630 for fire suppression systems in Waterford Township, MI. We can also provide sump pump installation, and more plumbing repairs should the occasion arise!