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24/7 HVAC Repair and Installation Services from Licensed Technicians in Waterford, MI

HVAC Services: AC Repair | Michigan Plumbing & Mechanical Services - heating-and-air-conditioning-repair-and-installation-servicesImmediate Heating and Cooling Repairs to Keep Your Home or Business Comfortable

No one wants to be left without heat in the winter - or air conditioning in the summer. A system breaking down right when you need it will not only make your home or business uncomfortable, it may require your to leave your home or close your business.

Don’t worry, Michigan Plumbing and Mechanical Services has your solution! We employ certified and licensed technicians who are trained to service all makes and models of commercial and residential furnaces, boilers, and air conditioning systems and are available any time of the day or night.

We Have Over 15 Years’ Experience Installing Furnaces to Improve Energy-Efficiency

You should consider a furnace replacement if your unit is over 15 years old to take advantage of the many advances in heating technology. With the right planning, your new commercial or home heating system can end up saving you a significant amount on your heating bill, making it a great investment.

Your Furnace Replacement Options in Waterford

Michigan Plumbing and Mechanical Services has been installing replacement furnaces throughout Michigan for over 15 years.

Our technicians provide professional installation for all types of heating systems:

  • Propane and Gas Furnaces
  • High Efficiency Furnace
  • Electric Heat
  • Vent-Free Heaters
  • Radiant Heating
  • Heat Pumps

HVAC Services: AC Repair | Michigan Plumbing & Mechanical Services - heating-and-furnace-repair-services5-Star Heating and Cooling Customer Service in Waterford

We want to collaborate with you to help make your home or business more comfortable and energy efficient.

We know it is important to be upfront and clear about repairing customer’s heating and cooling system. That's why Michigan Plumbing and Mechanical Services will openly communicate the issues requiring repair and provide options, as well as a written estimate. We will walk you through the steps of our process to fix, repair, or install a new furnace or air conditioner in your home. This openness with our customers is part of the reason why they have rated their experiences with us at a 5-star level on Google.

Rebates Available

Take advantage of our relationships with top manufacturers of heating and cooling equipment with incredible rebates on professionally-installed equipment. With our help, you can get the lowest prices available on new, highly-efficient equipment that will keep your home or business comfortable for years to come.

HVAC Services: AC Repair | Michigan Plumbing & Mechanical Services - nest-thermostatsNEST Thermostats

Get the most out of your home comfort systems with a professionally-installed, smart NEST thermostat. Smart thermostats automatically track your daily routines to ensure optimal comfort and efficiency. With zoning and scheduling capability, you can ensure that each room in your home is the perfect temperature without wasting any energy, keeping costs down and comfort up.


Do Michigan winters leave your skin feeling dry, itchy, and irritated? Are you dissatisfied with the humidity in your home? Our technicians can install a whole-home humidifier system that will automatically monitor and adjust the humidity in your home to your desired level, ensuring optimal comfort all the time.

Prevent Unexpected Breakdowns with Expert Furnace and A/C Maintenance

The licensed professionals at Michigan Plumbing and Mechanical Services have the experience and expertise to maintain your heating and cooling systems. Avoid repairs by getting your systems regularly checked by professional heating and cooling experts.

Our HVAC Maintenance Checks Include

  • Leak Check
  • Carbon Monoxide Check
  • Electrical Components Check
  • Refrigerant Pressure Check
  • Condenser and Evaporator Coil Cleaning
  • Drain System Inspection and Cleaning
  • Airflow Check
  • Filter Replacement (1” non-media type filter included, other sizes additional costs)

Do I Need Air Conditioning Replacement?

Are you thinking about installing a new air conditioner? An appropriately sized and installed air conditioning system from Michigan Plumbing and Mechanical Services is one of the best ways to ensure a comfortable environment in your home or business.

Look for these signs to replace your air conditioner:

The Age of the System

Replace air conditioners nearing the end of their 15-20-year lifespan.

The 5,000 Rule

If the cost of the repair multiplied by the age of the equipment is more than $5,000, then it’s a good idea to replace it.


Have you noticed an increase in your utility bill? How about your system, is it continually running? If so, consider replacing your system with a more efficient model.

Strange Noises

Do you hear bangs, clangs, and other weird sounds? Too much noise can indicate the system and the ductwork are not compatible.

Dust in the Home

If you’ve noticed more dust in your home, you may have leaks in your ductwork or a system that’s starting to fail.

Humidity in the Home

You should have less moisture in your home because your air conditioner should remove it. If there is humidity, your system may be running down or not appropriately sized for your home.

Constant Repairs

Constant repairs, though each may be minor, ends up being less cost-effective as a new system.

If any of these problems occur in your home or business, call Michigan Plumbing and Mechanical Services. When our expert air conditioning technicians come to your home, they will help you determine the right choice based on their analysis of your system. If you need a replacement, our certified professionals will work with you to choose the right system for your home so you can comfortably enjoy your home’s temperature and lower utility bills.

Michigan Plumbing and Mechanical Services offers professional options for heating and cooling in your home and business. Call us today at 1-888-406-3630 to schedule your service.