Sewer & Drain Cleaning

sewer and drain cleaning

24/7 Drain Cleaning and Snaking Services From Professional, Licensed  Technicians

Are clogged drains causing you daily headaches? Have other plumbing companies ‘fixed’ the problem, only for your drains to get clogged again a few days later? Proper snaking and drain cleaning require an in-depth understanding of plumbing drainage systems and connections. In our 15+ years in the industry, we have found that this knowledge is critical to assessing the actual condition of the drain and selecting the right equipment to clear the drain completely. You can reach out to us at 888-406-3630 if you would like us to help you with sewer and drain cleaning in Waterford Township, MI.

We Utilize Cutting-Edge Drain Cleaning Technology to Fix Your Problem Once and For All

The need for in-depth understanding is why our technicians receive years of on-the-job training in proper usage and selection of drain cleaning tools. In addition to our technician’s rigorous training, our trucks carry the newest professional-grade models of Ridgid drain cleaning equipment. Other machines lack both the power and RPM’s to thoroughly dispose of tough clogs. So, while your drain may clear when the other plumber finishes snaking, the drain will often clog up again at the same spot a few hours or days later. This re-clogging condition is much less unlikely to occur with the much higher RPMs, far superior torque, and numerous patented cleaning heads that only Ridgid brand drain cleaning equipment provides.

This Ridgid tool along with our trained technicians helps to ensure that we clear tough clogs for good.

sewer and drain cleaning

We Find the Real Source of Your Clog with Sewer Video Inspection Services

Sewer video inspection cameras have become one of the most valuable tools in the plumbing industry. Utilizing specially made fiber optic cameras allow for a visual inspection of underground sewer lines and other plumbing to determine the condition of the inside of the pipe and pinpoint problem areas. Technicians insert flexible rod with a high-resolution color video camera and node on its tip into the pipe for inspection and location. Video images transmit to the camera where the trained operator can view and even save a recording, thereby documenting the condition of the pipe and any imperfections.

Effective Solutions

The radio transmitting node located in the camera produces a signal that can be found using a handheld receiver, this system can be used to determine the depth and physical location on the surface so that defects and obstructions can be located and corrected in a cost-efficient manner. Michigan Plumbing and Mechanical Services LLC can provide color sewer camera video investigation services in Waterford Township, MI and the entire Oakland County area to anyone who is having trouble with their drainage.

Choose Your Neighborhood Drain Cleaning Experts for Immediate Attention

We understand that a backed-up drain is a huge problem, one that threatens to not only damage your home and property but causes a significant disruption in your family’s everyday life. Preventing this disruption is why we offer our Priority Placement Program (PPP) for backed-up sewers and drains. With PPP, your service request will be prioritized to the top of the service call list, thus helping to ensure that our technicians will be on-site to fix the problem quickly. So, don’t wait, give us a call today. You’ll save a lot of money over what the “big” national guys charge. You’ll receive better service and quality of work from a truly local family-owned and operated business. We provide a true variety of services, including furnace repair and sump pump installation. Our team is available at 888-406-3630 for sewer and drain cleaning in Waterford Township, MI.